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Nikon Micro-Nikkor 60mm Page

It's really astounding what this lens does for the performance of a Nikon D100 Digital Camera!

The page is currently pretty sparse, just some sample pictures. But it should give you some idea of the quality of the raw images coming from the camera. Simply spectacular!

Warning! The images on the page are quite large and will take some time to load. I suggest a broadband connection only!


Latest Deep Sky shot: M51 High res shot with Aries 16" at f/16

A little history about me and the origin of the observatory
Image gallery and star charts for each season
The amazing telescope that serves as the workhorse of
the Solebury Mountain Observatory

Application Notes

Currently, one application note on the potential benefits of summing data rather than averaging
A public domain project for an Electronics Control Unit for video cameras and computer controlled electronic focusers


A simplified version of the VideoStar project designed to provide comprehensive control of an electronic focuser and guider relays at a very low construction cost
A list of vendors I've dealt with and can recommend


Equipment Surgery

Home Made SCT Cooling
C-14 Disassembly and Drilling!

Horseman 6x7 Camera
Pictures of the Horseman 6x7 camera

Moving a Monster Lathe

Download DivX Now!
(Link to

DivX is the best video codec that I've found thus far.
Tight, high quality compression

Brideport Cleanup
Cleaning and repairing a 1971 Bridgport milling machine


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ETC Creations Microscope Controller

Energy Testing & Consulting - Energy auditing, IR inspection and Sustainable living Consulting