M27 - Dumbbell Nebula

Telescope Celestron C-14 - 14" at prime focus
Filters Hutech UVB filter set (essentially RGB)
Camera SBIG ST-10XME with AO-7 guider
Mount AstroPhysics AP-1200
Exposure 10 exposures x 3 minutes per exposure for each RGB color channel

SBIG AO-7 guider was used at around 3-5 hz. correction rate

Processing All images calibrated for dark current and flat field.

MaxIm DL used for color combination. AstroArt used for RL devonvolution on red and green channels. Log scaled to bring out background details.

Image scale of 0.72"/pixel.

Other notes From a series of first light photos using the new SBIG ST-10XME with USB interface. Got to love that fast image acquisition time

Another version of the above data set. In this image, the blue channel was replace by an OIII filtered image and the color balance was altered somewhat. The OIII data is quite clean and higher resolution than the data used for the first shot.



Telescope Aries 16" RC
Filters None
Camera Finger Lakes Instruments Dream Machine. Pixel scale 0.77"/pixel.
Mount AstroPhysics AP-1200. No guiding done

30 Seconds per exposure. About 75 images stacked in MaxIm DL


RL deconvolution in AstroArt

Other notes Sky transparency was horrible! About mag 2. However, the positive was that the sky was quite still. Even at this high pixel scale, stars were quite small. This is also testament to the excellent quality of the Aries 16" RC scope.


Another shot (taken with FLI DM). Curves adjusted to bring out faint details in nebulosity


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