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Welcome to the VideoStar(tm) pages!


What Is VideoStar?

The goal of the VideoStar project is to produce an open source, scientific grade, video imaging platform for amateur astronomers. 

VideoStar is a combination of hardware and software developed for amateur astronomers who want to take control of their telescopes and enter the world of digital imaging.

First and foremost, VideoStar is a * free 1* reference design providing the basis of a powerful imaging system.

See here for more about the project.


1 What is meant by "free"?

Free, as in - you can use any concepts contained on these pages for your own personal use for no charge. All I ask is for a little credit if you utilize these concepts or designs.

If you are a business venture and would like to create a commercial product based on the VideoStar platform, please contact me to make licensing arrangements.

If you want to see what it really costs, click here.


What about support?

This is something I'm doing in my "spare" time. I will attempt to answer emails.

The best bet however is to use the "Yahoo Groups forum" for discussion of VideoStar topics. In this way, an ongoing dialog is maintained and everyone can learn and build up a database of questions and answers.


What does the future hold?

Another reason that I am developing this system is to provide a platform for an adaptive optic system. The extreme sensitivity and low noise of the ExView CCD makes it well suited to such applications. Preliminary tests indicate that 15hz guiding using this system will be quite straightforward.

VideoStar jr.

There appears to be interest in a miniature version of VideoStar. A little unit that would give RS-232 controlled focusing and temperature readout capabilities so that people could make their own temperature compensating focuser system without having to spend many hundreds of dollars.

Most of us seem to have NGF-S units with DRO option, which provide an excellent base for such a system. If I develop VideoStar jr., it will be based around this unit, providing a plug-and-play solution.

Watch here for more information on such a package...contribute to the VideoStar Yahoo Group if you want to put your vote in for the creation of VSjr!

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